myPlaybook rePlay is an educational resource; based on screening, intervention and personalized feedback, to use in response to a violation of a substance abuse policy.

Caring for your student-athlete


rePlay encourages the student-athlete to take action when their usual coping resources pose a threat to individual or athletic functioning.


Student-athletes can work with a clinician on thoughtful reasons why they made decisions that negatively impact their athletic career.


rePlay provides a space for student-athletes to confidentially write about their experiences and how they want to move forward.

rePlay Includes:


The rePlay workbook – a resource to help educate student-athletes about the role of drugs and alcohol in their lives.

Similar to a journal, where student-athletes have the opportunity to reflect on their thoughts and feelings about substance use, and how it affects their body as well as their athletic performance; the 40 page replay workbook encourages student-athletes to look at the long-term and short-term effects of their decisions. It may be used in conjunction with educational counseling with a licensed professional.


One license to the myPlaybook Life Skills – an online module that helps student-athletes learn important stress management skills and mechanisms


One license to one additional myPlaybook Wellness online module – Choose a module from; Alcohol, Marijuana, Performance Enhancing Drugs, and Prescription & OTC Drugs 

Just $40 per user

Includes the workbook and 2 online modules


$25 for the rePlay workbook

without the online modules

* plus shipping and handling

the rePlay workbook:


Alcohol and Drug Education


Monitoring, Feedback and Strategy Tools


Self Assessment


Norms and Expectancies


Choices and Reflections


Much more...

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does rePlay cost?

myPlaybook rePlay is just $40* and includes the rePlay workbook, one license for the myPlaybook Life Skills module, and one license for an additional myPlaybook Wellness module.

*plus shipping and handling

Can rePlay be used in conjunction with counseling?

Yes, rePlay may be used in conjunction with educational counseling with a licensed professional.

How long are the myPlaybook on line modules?

The myPlaybook Wellness modules take approximately 20 minutes each to complete.

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